SBT: Recursive sbt.IO.listFiles


Thu Jun 26 12:31:04 2014 -0700

Annoyingly, SBT’s very own sbt.IO util Object doesn’t provide a mechanism to recursively list files in a directory.

As of SBT 0.13.5, the three listFiles functions it does implement are only somewhat useful for complex builds.

  • def listFiles(dir: File): Array[File]
  • def listFiles(dir: File, filter: Array[File]
  • def listFiles(filter: File): Array[File]


Perhaps more frustrating is that sbt.IO is an Object (a singleton) which by its very nature in Scala means it cannot be extended. So, even if I wanted to extend sbt.IO and override to make it recursive, I can’t.

So, here’s how one can recursively list files in a directory leveraging SBT’s sbt.IO.listFiles:

trait IOHelpers {
  def listFilesRecursively(dir: File): Seq[File] = {
    val list = IO.listFiles(dir)
    list.filter(_.isFile) ++ list.filter(_.isDirectory).flatMap(listFilesRecursively)

Functional programming for-the-win!

Followup 2015

I submitted my idea for a recursive listFiles function as an enhancement request to the folks that maintain SBT:

It was quickly closed as “won’t fix” but they did point out that you can use sbt.Path (a.k.a., Paths) to achieve the same behavior without any hacks:

scala> import sbt._, Path._
import sbt._
import Path._

scala> val base = new".")
base: = .

scala> (base ** (-DirectoryFilter)).get
res1: Seq[] = ArrayBuffer(./.gitattributes,...


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