Basics of SCSI: Firmware Applications and Beyond


Sat Oct 25 13:37:58 2008 -0700

In 2004, I prepared a technical research paper on SCSI (Small Computer System Interface). Concurrently, I wrote a technical performance white-paper on HP’s Ultra320 SCSI storage solution: the Ultra320 SCSI HP-UX MPT driver using HP’s A7173A PCI-X Dual Channel Ultra320 SCSI Host Bus Adapter. My performance white-paper was eventually published on ZDnet and

  • Download the full technical research paper here.
  • Download the technical white-paper here.

Here’s the abstract from my technical research paper:

“Since 1981, SCSI has been one of the most powerful and reliable peripheral technologies used in high-performance computing environments. Five years after its conception, A.N.S.I. (American National Standards Institute) approved the SCSI interface as an official industry connectivity standard. Today, SCSI technology continues to grow and is used across the world in the most demanding computing environments. While newer storage technologies, such as Fibre Channel, continue to outperform and outsell SCSI storage systems, the demand for fast and reliable SCSI products remains in the marketplace. This paper is intended to provide a fairly in-depth exploration of SCSI technologies, and the applications behind a SCSI infrastructure.”

scsi whitepaper