Apache: Setting the Content-Disposition Header with mod_rewrite


Thu Sep 24 09:34:00 2009 -0700

The title of this post is slightly misleading, since the Content-Disposition header cannot be set directly using mod_rewrite. As I understand it, there are a set of headers that mod_rewrite understands, and Content-Disposition is not one of them.

To accomplish this, I used an interesting combination of mod_rewrite and mod_headers:

## Internally redirect, then..
RewriteRule ^/build/latest /build/dist/build-v1.0.jar [L]
SetEnvIfNoCase Request_URI build\/latest$ build-latest
## ..set the header.
Header set Content-Disposition "attachment; filename=build-latest.jar" env=build-latest

Using this method, here’s what the Content-Disposition header looks like according to HttpFox:


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